What we can provide

"This performance realised a dream I had for 40 years. Thank you so much"

- Feedback from UNEXPECTED-microclimates 2010

The flexibility of the organisation ensures that the performance opportunities are only limited by your imagination. From performing at cultural and community festivals to residencies at shopping complexes, and weekend markets, AIVDT is able to adapt to any situation.

The company is able to stage roving performances through the crowds or performances in smaller, confined areas such as walkways, median strips, lifts, staircases, busy thoroughfares, malls and alleys leaving no space unable to be touched by the quirky, engaging and often powerful performances.

AIVDT dancers are also able to run workshops for schools and community groups. These workshops can be tailored to the specific level of experience of the participants from absolute beginners to advanced. These workshops can also be run in conjunction with a performance, either as a separate component, or integrated into the show, thus allowing school groups or community members to participate in the AIVDT performances.


“We were lucky enough to have four dancers from AIVDT involved with the City of Stirling's recent event in Mt Lawley called Café{Culture}.They were one of the highlights of this event and we greatly appreciated their involvement.”

– Karen Wertheimer, Arts and Cultural Officer

“AIVDT represents a new generation of dancers, occupying a unique and exciting niche in the spectrum of dance throughout Australia…I also admire their ability to escape the confines of a stage and bring dance into a public and ‘real’ environment.”

- Richard Cilli, Sydney Dance Company and former Young People and the Arts Panelist

Free live performances to the public are and excellent and innovative way of marketing your business, organisation or event. They engage with the public, and attract attention from passers by, due to the unusual nature of contemporary dance in a non-theatrical setting.

Due to the flexible nature of the performances, there are minimal costs involved for set up or technical requirements, and thus it is a cost effective way of setting your event or business aside from the competition.

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