Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre

Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT) is Perth's premiere company for dance in alternative spaces.

AIVDT is inspired by the unusual, the forgotten and the hidden spaces. With a fresh approach to dance in Perth, the company aims to bring dance out of the theatres to engage with real space, real time and real people. With a special interest in improvisation, the company has made a name for themselves, bringing you new, exciting and innovative dance, that breaks down traditional barriers between audience and performance.

"…completely absorbing" (Perth Now, Feb 2012)

Directed by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton, AIVDT aims to contribute braveness to the world and to keep breathing culture into places where you would least expect it.


Dust on the Shortbread


Currently in development, Dust on the Shortbread is a site-alternative performance set in a house in North Perth. Dust on the Shortbread explores the lives of an older couple; the tension between maintaining independence and vitality and the effects of dementia in the ageing process.

Performed iconic senior Australian artists by Dr Elizabeth Dalman OAM (founder of Australian Dance Theatre) and George Shevtsov, this work explores a generational connection to the comforts of home.

Dust on the Shorebreat will premiere in 2018


Choreography: Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton (Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre)

Performance: Elizabeth Cameron Dalman and George Shevtsov

Original score and sound design: Tristen Parr

Supported by: Government of Western Australia, Department of Culture and the Arts

Dust on the Shortbread - 2nd Stage Creative Development from Serena on Vimeo.